My journey with photography began as a child as my Mom was into photography and a part of the Benoni photographic club. I went on many photographic excursions with my mom. She was into studio and fashion photography.

It all started when a friend of mine asked my wife Sascia and I to join him at our churches photography club (Freeway Christian camera club). That’s when my passion for photography was ignited. I started as a beginner in the club and worked my way through the ranks collecting many awards for my photos. I also entered numerous photographic Salon competitions and also got many acceptances and awards. Along the way I did a lot of research and many photographic workshops and training courses through the club which helped me to improve my photography.

I enjoyed photography to such u degree that I started shooting weddings etc on the side part time as a hobby. It was when I got retrenched at my company that I decided to take up photography as a full time occupation. My friend sold me his studio equipment and expanded into studio photography as wedding photography is very seasonal and I needed to do something in the off season to keep me busy.

My wonderful wife Sascia helps me with the wedding photography as it’s a lot easier when you are two people covering a wedding. We have been blessed with very different artistic styles which complement each other and help us to get a different angle on things. Sascia also helps a lot with the studio photography assisting with posing, props and with new fresh ideas During the week I now focus on corporate photography and do product shoots, staff photography, events and corporate functions.

Photography in general is ever changing to the latest trends. Sascia and I therefore are always researching and implementing the latest trends and fashions to our photographic portfolio. My dream and goal is to be one of South Africa’s top photographers in the near future.

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